STL Sports Pokémon Go by Bob Ryan

StL Sports Pokemon Go

All of you are just dying on joining the latest rage…Pokemon Go….now I don’t want to be racing around on bikes…how many of you do?, the  metro, or other required visitations…. so…here’s a version for St Louis sports fans—StLSports Pokemon Go. We’ll still provide you with Pokemon Treasure Chests, Pokeballs, and Pokemon Points upon the right answer….ok…get on your imaginary Pokemon bike…start peddling….here we go…

LEVEL ONE….find the Pokestops with these clues…ur Pokemon bus will take u from downtown to West County as u track these down..

1—5 pts…this high school sent 3 players to the MLB (Ryan Howard, David Freese, Scarbough Green) it…

2—5 pts…this is the place that you’ll find the winningest High school soccer coach of ALL-time on most days in the fall from 3-5pm..take a pic of the logo  on the field

3—7 pts–where will you find this St Louis born native who won the batting crown in 2003 on many nights between April through September?  PokeStop….stop by the location across the street for refreshment for your favorite “hops”…3 Pokemon Treasure Points….name his high school

4—5 pts—this StL born HOF catcher played on many World Series teams with the NYY…he passed away in the past year….take a pic of any of the many restaurants in this unique part of town where he was born..

5—5 pts—this Germantown born Cardinal, started his career with the Cards and ended his career with the Cards. He’s managed the Cards to a World Championship. His number is retired…you’ll find his number on the Busch Stadium list of retired numbers….what is that number & name? Take a  pic of it…

Different variation of “Pokemon Stop”..we’ll take a rest-stop from this grueling game momentarily..

….I’m not promoting or encouraging the act but the 4 year prison penalty imposed on  Chris Correa  for stealing info on baseball players seems a bit harsh to me…heck in 2009 Stewart Nozette was found guilty of Attempted espionage against the USA..spying on the USA…. and sentenced to 13 years…come on…baseball is a game…our country isn’t in peril because the found out some 18 year olds can throw fastballs, hit curveballs, run lk the wind…fines, permanent removal from baseball, losing draft choices….OK… but 4+ years in prison?…. Surely this scouting material was known by many…if not most teams…how unique could it be? These players weren’t being hidden in some hideout someplace… all the other teams know about these players..every team saw them…isn’t it a bit arrogant to think that this material is unique to the Cardinals?

….along these same lines…I’d find it “strange” that none of the Cardinals brass above Correa didn’t realize that the material he was providing was “unique”…how could he know that Houston thought this or wanted to do that…don’t ya think someone would have said in at least one meeting, “ well Chris…how do you know that?”

…looks like AZ mgr, Chip Hale, is about ready to start his climb up the guillotine steps .. AZ just isn’t a good team….further…I think it’d be very tough to manage for Tony….Tony was a superb motivator, game adjustments and anticipation, evaluator as a manager…not everyone has those same skills as Tony but he probably thinks that everyone DOES have them J

Answers to LEVEL ONE…

  • Lafayette High School
  • CBC soccer field as Terry Michler directs his CBC soccer team
  • Busch Stadium as Asst Coach Bill Mueller coaches…he played @ DeSmet HS..stop by BallPark Village across the street for those “hops”
  • Yogi Berra….there are many restaurants on “the Hill”….take ur pick or pic J
  • #2—Red Schoendienst

Back on your Pokemon bikes….LEVEL TWO..tougher…this time ur Pokemon bike takes you south of St Louis…off HWY 55 …then returns west county StL

1—15 pts..this Cub ace was born in 70 miles south of St. Louis…name pitcher & town…..Pokemon poke…the nickname of the HS of the town that this person was born is “Knights”..get a pic of a baseball card of this player…

2—10  pts-this St Louis HS had two players in the NBA last year, name the school…4 Pokemon treasure pts…name their names and 10 Pokemon Deep-Treasure points…their NBA teams of 15-16..

3—12 this “Rams” high school sent a player to the Womens’ USA National Soccer Team, take a pic of the front of the school(on line)..4 Pokemon Treasure Points…give her name…

4– This QB came out of HS in 2008 rated as the #1 pro-style QB in the nation,he played @ Mizzou,he was a 1st round pick of Jacksonville—12 pts—name him; 10 pts—name his current team

5—10pts -this local Land-“marker” HS has a rep in the Olympics…get a pic on-line of this steeple chase participant and name the school . 6 Pokemon Treasure Points– its nickname

Pokemon Stop two….I’m getting worn out…I need a break…

….Saturday’s charity Ram football game was like attending a funeral home as the fans celebrated the life of the StL Rams…now its over..done… gone…we’ll never have another NFL team here …at least in my lifetime

…some  unexpected “BOOM” players of 2016

….Aledmys Diaz, this 25 year old has come on like gangbusters…hitting .318,OPS .912, 13 HR , 52 RBI.. seems to be a lock for NL Rookie of the Year honors at this point

…using the World Series as a launching pad…Daniel Murphy’s.349 average far exceeds any expectations based on his previous experience @ NYM

…Jean Segura is  hitting .314 currently for AZ after struggling with .257 and .246 in last 2 seasons with Milwaukee. Further His move from SS to 2B has cut his errors way down (from 19 to 4)

…Johnny Cueto has been a terrific sign for the Giants…after going 11-13 with the Reds/Royals last year he’s now 13-2, 2.53 ERA, 4 CG, WHIP 1.033

…Cubs decision to stay with Kyle Hendricks has been a good one….his 9.6 record isn’t glittering but his ERA of 2.27 is 3rd in the league, WHIP of  1.036 is  very solid

…some unexpected “BUST” players in 2016

…Drew Storen…signed by Toronto upwards of $8mil/year this off season….has just been released.. his 1-3, 6.21 era, 43 hits in 33 inn are clear evidence of non-performance..with relief pitching required by most teams…I’m sure he’ll get a “flyer” (at league minimum) by some other team

…..Yasier Puig….most thought that last year’s drop was due to injuries when he hit a weak .255…this year his contract moved upward to $9mil+ but his average has stalled at .255 and a dropping OPS of .693 while he continues to miss games due to injuries..and the Dodgers are stuck…oops…have .. him for two more years … much mustard can ya get for this weak “hot dog”?

…I can’t see how this one would be completely “unexpected” but Mark Teixeira’s .186 avg  is so dismal that makes one wonder how the NYY can continue to write the rest of his 2016 contract for $23mil ..Tex hit .214 in 2014 “bounced back” to .255 with 31 dingers last year…once again the Yanks are subjected to poor judgment in their long-range signings of former star players..note key word “former” really can’t expect this 36 year old to “turn it around”..with the total money he’s earned $189,000,000…ya’d think that he’d just retire and walk away…he’s made enough and he really can’t play at all any longer at the MLB level.

…sure.. throw in Jason Heyward, Trevor Rosenthal, Bryce Harper, Andrew  McCutchen if you’d like….

Answers to Pokemon LEVEL TWO…

  • Jake Arrieta…Farmington, MO
  • Chaminade College Prep; David Lee & Bradley Beal; Lee played for Boston & Dallas last year (his 11th year in the league) and is a free agent now; Beal’s full pro career has been with the Washington Wizards…this 23 year old will be starting his 5th NBA season!
  • Ladue Rams HS graduate is Becky Sauerbrunn
  • Blaine Gabbert—currently 49’ers
  • Colleen Quigley of Nerinx Hall…the Hall Markers…often referred to simply as the Markers

Here ya go….3rd & FINAL LEVEL…final ride on Pokemon bike…couple city stops, then move north thru to st. Charles county….

  • 15 points—this tennis star was the 1st African-American to win the Wimbledon….he graduated from a St Louis HS (where he had moved just 1 year earlier)….name this Player…10 Pokemon Treasure  points…name the school..get a on-line pic of this now deceased player…here’s a Pokemon Poke…he beat Jimmy Connors in Wimbledon
  • This former Mizzou offensive lineman played in the NFL for 6 years….for the past several seasons he’s been the “color” announcer for Mizzou games on the radio….15 points—his name; 20 points—his High School…pokemon poke….it was  a PHL school
  • 15-pts–this talented Cardinal LHP signed with Cards, debuted in 1969 and pitched 22 years but only 3 years with the Cards. He won 220 MLB games and was only the 2nd pitcher to win 200 games without a 20 win season. He was the 19th player to play in 4 different decades in the MLB…he pitched in the Suburban North Conference as a High School Player….name him; 10 Pokemon Treasure Points name his high school.
  • Speed round….multiple answers—all of these St Louisians (metropolitan area) have been in the MLB after 2000…if they are still playing…4 pts give their team ( if not, who it was when they played) Pokemon Treasure points–6 pts– give their high school…..
  1. Max Scherzer b) Cody Asche      c) Mark Buehrle   d) Tom Layne

…..thoughts as I duck Pokemon poke balls that are flying at me J…

….OK Cubbies get Chapman for the rest of 2016…good move by them….he’ll be a free agent after this year so it could be a 2 month loan OR they could resign him…wouldn’t it been nice to have the Cards sign him NOW….not only that we need bullpen help….but our gain would hv been a Cubbie minus

…speaking of trades..remember all the fuss a couple years ago ….Heyward for Shelby Miller & Tyrell Jenkins….Heyward didn’t resign with Cards, Shelby was traded and is now in the minors and Jenkins just got rocked….hmmm.. much ado about nothing…or reminds me of a card game…”pass the trash”

….as of Sunday…what an oddity…all the NL division leaders have 58 wins …all the AL division leaders have 56 wins ??  Very, very few MLB teams run away and hide with huge division leads over the course of an entire season

….If Miami could add a piece to the starting rotation….with Fernandez & Conley in the rotation , they could be extremely tough in any playoff series…they can hit

….every team moans about injuries…look around ….every team has injuries over the 6 month crawl to October 1st….for example….the LA Dodgers have used 12 different starters this year

…I really feel like Rosenthal, Wong, Grichuk are possible trade bait…not all in one trade

….the Astros are making a move…they’re now only ½ game out of a wild card spot…finally…at least to them…. Their ace Dallas Keuchel is pitching somewhat like last year. Jose Altuve is hitting .357…it’s really a great middle-infield – Correa & Altuve

…speaking of Houston…they bring up their top prospect today..Alex Bregman who can play anyplace in the infield..but in Houston with middle infield locked up…it’ll be 3B…so what does the current 3B… .253 hitting… Valbuena do the day Bregman arrives?…he goes 3 for 3 with a dinger….human nature…self preservation…at its best !

…many were predicting Drew Smyly would be the Ace of the Rays staff…but he’s more like a jack…ya know… jack of all trades…master of none

Answers to LEVEL 3 of StL Sports Pokemon Go

  • Arthur Ashe – Sumner High School
  • Howard Richards – Southwest High School
  • Jerry Reuss – Ritenour
  • A) Max Scherzer-Nats- Parkway Central b) Cody Asche-Phils- Ft Zumwalt West
  1. C) Mark Buehrle—currently Toronto blue Jays— Francis Howell North HS
  2. D) Tom Layne—no longer in MLB—played 2 years- last team-Boston-Ft Zumwalt South

Thanks for playing StL Sports Pokemon go!  I’m worn out from racing around looking for all these answers..oops spots….ur reactions are always invited….just do it right on-line or if you want to keep it private..just send me an email….

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