Super Bowls #1-50 by Bob Ryan



So we reach Super Bowl 50….listed below are facts, thoughts, predictions about this Super Bowl and past Super Bowls….


….none of the winners in the wild card advanced past their next round game…of course two of the teams won in unbelievable ways in the Wild Card….Cincy has it wrapped up until a plethora of unsportsmanlike penalties hand the game to the Steelers. In the NFL, Minnesota misses a FG attempt shorter than the new x-point distance so Seattle sneaks into the next round….point being….the divisional champs were clearly the best teams. I thought Arizona & New England would win on Sunday….that’s why I don’t bet on games…Payton Manning…with his weak arm but brilliant mind…guided the Broncs to yet another Super Bowl—Denver now ties Dallas, NE and Pittsburgh for the most Super Bowls—8….Denver is hoping to fare better than 2 years ago when Seattle trounced them 43-8 (which was the most lopsided score in Super Bowl history)….meanwhile Carolina ended the Seattle streak of 2 consecutive Super many of you recall….Buffalo holds the record of 4 straight appearances and yet…sadly for them….never carried off the trophy….while Denver HAS won two Supers…they lead the league with Five defeats on this party-game day.


The teams with the best records (more than 2 games) are traditional, long-time powers….

SF 49’ers are 5-1, GB Packers 4-1, NY Giants 4-1, and Pitt Steelers 6-2


Four teams who have NEVER played in the Super Bowl—

Jacksonville, Detroit, Cleveland, Houston


Teams who have played in the Super Bowl but NEVER won one….

At 0-1 in Super Bowl are Atlanta, Carolina, San Diego and Tennessee

Cincy Bengals & Philly Eagles are 0-2 at Super Bowl

And the poor Buffalo Bills & Minnesota Vikings are 0-4 ….ugh


Btw….the top 3 spots in Passing yards in a Super Bowl game are all held by one guy….yep…our very own Kurt Warner—

1999-Rams 414 yds; 2008-Ariz-377 yds; 2001-StL-365 yds


Think the season hasn’t sttttrrrretchedddd out….SB#4 was played on January 11th


Some Super Bowl I facts…

…Pre-game was performed by U of Arizona & Grambling U with Al Hirt; the NATIONAL Anthem by U of Arizona & Michigan Band and these 2 bands performed at halftime…I doubt that it was 45 min long…I mean how long can you march around carrying those big tubas?

….it was played in Memorial Colisseum (LA)

….Bart Starr was MVP (he was also MVP in SB II)in 35-10 win over Chiefs

….Packers earned $15000/player & KC $7500/player for the game—the highest payout to individual players in ANY sport up to that time

…Tickets…at least some tickets…cost $10 !!…you’d have to add about 2 zeroes now J

…Bob Ryan watched color TV for the 1st time as I watched Super Bowl I…I remember being amazed at seeing green grass, colorful uniforms


2015-16 NFL Post Season

AFC Wild Card Game 1: Kansas City Chiefs 30, Houston Texans 0

AFC Wild Card Game 2: Pittsburgh Steelers 18, Cincinnati Bengals 16

NFC Wild Card Game 1: Seattle Seahawks 10  Minnesota Vikings 9 NFC Wild Card Game 2: Green Bay Packers 35 Washington 18

AFC Divisional Round Game 1: New England Patriots 27 KC Chiefs 20 NFC Divisional Round Game 1: Arizona Cardinals 26 GB Packers 20 OT

NFC Divisional Round Game 2: Carolina Panthers 31 Seattle Seahawks 24   AFC Divisional Round Game 2: Denver Broncos 23 Pittsburgh Steelers 16

AFC Championship: Denver Broncos 20 New England Patriots 18 NFC Championship: Carolina Panthers 49 Arizona Cardinals 15

Sunday, Feb. 7 Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers

Who’s gonna win?….well I mentioned earlier my “success” in picking NFL winners (non-existent)…so…here goes anyway..I’m going Carolina…I think that they’ll crowd the receivers, take away short passing game. Denver played 8 cover in the win over NE….I doubt that they’ll do that since Cam Newton can actually run (Brady really can’t)….to me if Carolina establishes some type of running game….Denver’s slipping down those rocky-mtn slopes…. Carolina has jumped way ahead in the last 2 weeks which “frees up” their pass rushers. On the other Side, Denver does have a tremendous defense. I only see the Broncs winning if their defense forces key turnovers or if Manning performs another miracle.





  1. Joel delpha says:

    All of this assuming that you actually care about the NFL any more. I don’t.

  2. Denis Heneghan says:

    I think Carolina will be too much for Denver and Mannings weak arm. I will be rooting for Manning to go out as a winner but my perdiction for the score is Carolina 34 Denver 10.

  3. Jim Pleimann says:

    I just hope I am somewhere with good food with friends or family because I really don’t have a huge interest. I hope it is a good game – that is about it. Wonder how much I won’t care next year or the year after, or the year after…… I don’t remember how much I cared after the Big Red left! LOL

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