Top 10 of 2015 by Bob Ryan

top 10 2015Another year becomes a blur as we turn the page. It’s been a great year…at least from my perspective.  Part of my fun this year has been in having the chance to write these blogs….THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO READ MY “STUFF”.  Some of you have been “with me” since the start while others have continued to join. I’ve picked the Top 10 articles that I had the most fun doing .. I don’t expect any one to read all ten but reread or read a couple…or a few… for the first time …most of all, I’m very interested in YOUR FAVORITES….send them as comments either on the Prepcasts site or as emails to me……I look forward to hearing YOUR thoughts  and of course….. I wish all of you all the best in 2016!

Instruction manual for the guys close to my age..copy the link & paste it on your as your web site.

…..Here’s what started it…..the day after the Super Bowl…my 1st blog published by Tim Miller

Feb 2

….If you like the one above…see what happened the very next day when some Wash DC sports talk guys thought that my article was written by Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe…here’s their interview with him…it’s really great…

…right before Valentine’s, I wrote this one…”not the American Sniper, the StL Sniper” (one of my personal  favorites…if that matters J

Feb 26 saw a spin-off from a popular movie at that time—50 shades of read

…March 23 saw the publication of “Our Sweet 16”

….on May 18, this article was written and has received more than 3500 readers since its publication…heck if I know why  ??…at any rate, someone must like it…it was called “Dear Bob”..ya know it was kinda of an Dear Abby deal.

…the day prior to July 4th, I had fun…and many others did also…with “Some 4 Facts 4-you on the 4th

…the July 24th article entitled “Press conference with Donald Trump” must have made many believe that I had put on my Political Hat…so many passed on it….nope…it was all sports…I really enjoyed this press conference since no questions were asked during it !!

…Aug 20, after a friend…an avid reader…accused me of always “putting down” the Cardinals, I was called before Judge Roy Bean’s court to defend myself…it was enjoyed by many

…on Sep 21, a commercial theme became my title .. and a good part of the article (but you have to read down a bit)…it was entitled “Don’t be this other guy”


….the Oct 5 article received the most emotional responses…mostly negative…but that’s OK…I’m just pleased that I could elicit emotion from reading “Walking around the Zou”


C U in 2016…hope you’ll continue reading & responding !

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