What is your SCARY level? By Bob Ryan

Halloween…..scary….two words that seem hitched to each other. Well we’ve had some scary things, ideas, and happenings in the past year….! Will indicate the scariness level of all events


….Stephen Piscotty’s full speed collision with CF Peter Bourjos sent him immediately to the ground…. seemingly motionless… then medics surrounded him, strapped him to a body board and carted him off….turns out no serious harm done—sept 28, 2015—scary level on that day !!!


…I’m stretching the sports world here……Nic Wallenda continues to enter record books of some kind. This summer at the Wisconsin State Fair he walked more than a ¼ mile on a wire no wider than a nickel. The wire was 100 feet above the Milwaukee racetrack….now I don’t know if that’s crazy or scary….let’s call it scary !!!!!


….on Opening Day, Red Schoendienst decides to depart his car in the opening day gala by jumping off the side of the car….come on 92 years old and jumping off the side of anything at any distance….scary level !


…an ol’ fashion beanball battle erupts on Apr 16, 2015 after Chris Archer (TB) hits two Toronto batters “up & in”, Toronto responds by hitting Evan Longoria right on the left-buttocks…which causes Longoria to depart the game…when Tor Donaldson is decked up & in again (replay shows he wasn’t hit) but was awarded 1B anyway…both teams get testy…TB mgr is ejected…most scary moment to me is that Evan Longoria is forced out of the game after being hit in the butt…come on…has America become that soft ?   scary level !!!!


….the thought occurs that Manifesto Mike’s managerial style is much more suited for the rigors of 162 game schedule than a 5 game series…that scary thought doesn’t bode well for future Cardinal playoff outcomes….scary level !!


…with 3 of the 4 Rams starting d-backs eligible for free agency after this year, the best…thus far…Janoris Jenkins has ended contract discussions after receiving the Rams offer over the bye week and has indicated that he’ll opt for free agency…scary thought…we train the guys for 3 years and then lose our best one…ugh….scary feeling !!!


….scary thought about NCAA football…after watching the Mizzou-Vandy game how much longer can a game be…all those “reviews”, discussions, explanations, markings, officials conferences, remarkings, official talking to booth (or pizza parlor) and shaking his head, more remarkings….ugh….this isn’t intended to tie up the entire weekend….scary thought level !!!


….scariest WWE move was the pile-driver…this move actually paralyzed Stone Cold Steve Austin temporarily…no…no.. this part is actually true…his head wasn’t tucked inside the legs properly…Austin’s career was shortened and move was “outlawed”…however it was used unexpectantly this year again by John Cejna on Punk on Feb 25, 2015…for non-wrestling fans-scary—hardly…for the Brian Hagerty’s (Nature Boy’s Biggest Fan) of the world-scary level !!!


…..Jason Heyward’s agent says bidding will open at $200m for 6 years of service… scary level for Cards !!!!! ….scary level for fans !!!


….can’t decide what’s more scary to watch…Mr. Shell Shock or Mr Robot as the Ram’s QB—scary level !


…just think how big NFL players will be by the year 2165….maybe by that time all equipment will be banned to preserve bodies….scary thought level !!!


…scary to hear that Brian Wilson (former SF pitcher) wants a bout with Ronda Rousey…now Wilson has beefed up his body but can you beef up your chin…at least Wilson doesn’t seem to have to worry about endangering his thought process…scary level !


….scary thought…what if Maty Mauk… comes back “on fire”…what does that do for the QB scene next year?…. scary thought level !!


…scary premise….Joe Jackson never had any idea of the scandal…he was probably illiterate so the papers he signed admitting to the scandal didn’t mean anything to him…rumors now have it that the lawyer WANTED so badly to win this for the owners and may have misled Jackson about what he was signing…by all of the players accounts he was never present at any of their meetings; hit a Series high .375 with the only HR in the series…yet HE is the one held up as the biggest cheater of all time…scary thought that it’s all wrong –scary level !!!!


…scary thought…if Mizzou can’t untrack their offense this year and next year…Mizzou MAY be getting the calls for an opening game or two from the real big boys—Ohio St, USC, etc…we’d be the cupcake…scary thought level !


…scary thought….you actually made it to the bottom….scary level !!!!!

Happy Halloween J


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  1. John Rocco says:

    Bob, good stuff. Hope you had a good Halloween.


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