What’s in Your Wallet by Bob Ryan

wallet imageThe items that a person carries around in their wallet will tell you something about the person…let’s take a look at some individuals…



Rick Pitino—note with a noose on it as Louisville Basketball Sex Scandal widens

Michigan punter…..notes on “how to catch a snap”

Gary Pinkel—plane tickets for the Birmingham Bowl

Sam Bradford—notes on how to overcome “shell-shock”

Tre Mason—notes on how to live as a shadow

St Louis Cardinal fan base-chill pills—U can’t win EVERY year

Terry Collins—notes on how to pitch the Cubs on 1st pitch (off speed, junk pitches)

Jonathan Papelbon—invitation to “Mr Rogers” classes—I wanna b ur friend

Cub Ground Crew—directions on handling grass in October

John Jay-notes on how to become the visible again after being invisible for 6 months

MO—notes on how NOT to look like Branch Rickey

Brian Quick- the modified Ram playbook designed just for him—1 page long

Matt Carpenter-a coin to be flipped to decide between being a lead-off hitter or a power hitter next season

LA Dodgers- $300/m receipt for 2015 and a blank sheet in return

Maty Mauk— a picture of a doghouse with the only exit to another school

John Rooney-notes on how to call balls & strikes since he does so much of it already

Toronto fans—notes on how to disagree without being disagreeable

Zach Greineke—notes on how to make more money than you need

Kurt Schilling—a pink slip from the Sunday Nite Baseball crew

Manifesto Mike—directions on fielding bunts—since in the last 2 years bunts have led to the Cardinals demise (Choate in 14 & Garcia in 15)

SEMO Ft Coach-a prayer card to keep him away from another Mizzou game

Don Mattingly—enjoy the “Get Out of LA mayhem Card”

Roger Goodell-a calendar with July 2016 circled as retirement date

Colby Rasmus-tube of Head & Shoulders

Mizzou TD X-pt snapper—Maytag Repair man award

Joe Maddon-book on how to incite a Bean Ball War

Art Briles (Baylor Head Ftball Coach)—a smiley note for 1 more cupcake week( until his real season begins as he faces Oklahoma, Okie State, TCU, Texas in final 4 games)

Pete Rose—a note telling him to join the Sesame Street Staff as a “stiff” after his TV gig on Saturday….it was awful

SF 49’ers—the “chance” card on new coach Jim Tomsula is ready to be returned


The Cubs went further in the playoffs than the Cards behind Joe Maddon. Since 2000, the Cubs have tried many different looks as Manager –take a look…I couldn’t have named more than 2 or 3 of these guys          

                                     Year(s)               record         winning %

Joe Maddon                2015               97-65              .599

Rick Renteria           2014                73-89              .451

Dale Sveum              2012-13           127-197           .392

Mike Quade              2010-11           95-104            .477

Lou Pinella                2007-10           316-293           .519

Dusty Baker              2003-06           322-326             .497

Bruce Kimm              2002                33-45               .423  

Rene Lachem           2002                   0-1                   .000

Don Baylor               2000-02           187-220           .459  

****Maddon’s .599 winning percentage is the best since Frank Chance 1905-1912

Chance was 768-389 .664 as the manager…yes…this is the very same” Tinkers to Evans to Chance” guy. Granted Maddon only has 1 year under his belt but it’s been quite a year.


Tidbits to chew on….

…..David Beatty the KU Head Football Coach is a grad of Lindenwood U

…..suggestion for baseball post-season—after the 5 teams are determined (3 div winners & 2 WC)…seed according to record….why should the #2 & #3 teams face each other in the WC game when they had better records than the other two division winners. Cubs & Pirates merited more than a one game series…or maybe we go back to old school and have the National League & American League with no divisions..top 5 go into the playoffs..I mean is the division championship even remembered beyond ONE year?

….Maybe Zach Greineke will RESIGN with the LA Dodgers for about $5-6mil MORE per year than on the previous contract that he just nullified

…Dallas Cowboys carousel of coaches has come to halt with Jason Garrett. Garrett is the 2nd longest tenured Cowboy Coach in their history (only behind Tom Landry)…the last Cowboys Super Bowl Championship was in 1995 with Barry Switzer as the Head Coach

…When the punter has the most rushing yards for a game, your offense is in trouble Mizzou- however it certainly was a “gutsy” call….some might say a “desperate” call

…how about the 6 lead changes in the exciting Northwestern(6-2) 30-28 over Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are now 3-5….their 5 losses have been by an overall total of 13 points-WOW!

…last week it was the amazing Michigan win over Michigan State…this week it is the Ga Tech punt return (as his coach signals from sideline—“let it go” and he picks it up and runs it for a TD– giving them a 22-16 win over Florida State

…I thought I was watching the same KC Royal team as last year since they played the same style…not even close…there are only 12 players on the 2015 roster as were on the 2014 roster..it’s their style of play that has been constant

…the Chip Kelly offense @ Philly is fun to watch…especially if you like 4 yard pass plays.. I can’t decide if all those dump offs are part of offense or installed to permit Bradford to unload quickly and stay away from more “shell shock” reactions


Displaying Class….

…as a youngster I dreamed of playing sports…when I was cut twice (in 2 years) I high school my goals were modified….now I wanted to coach…I attended all the basketball/football games of my high school…..I observed, as close as I could, all the coaches…some things that I wanted to emulate and some that I didn’t ever want to use. One of the Coaches that I watched was DC Wilcutt of CBC. As a Frosh, I watched his 1963 STATE championship team in action but I watched him even closer. I modeled myself, as a coach, after many of the techniques that I saw him implementing…some were—when a whistle was blown, the players extended their arm and handed the ball to the official; when removed from the game, the players would sprint to bench, sit next to coach; no player could “correct” another player; his team seemed to be prepared for any situation; his team was disciplined; he was quiet yet he was a competitor – you could see it in him. There were many other ideas that I emulated but space prohibits me from putting you to sleep by listing them all.. now don’t misunderstand….NO ONE ever thought of me as a mini-DC. We do have our own personalities, approach, experiences, and god-given talent. Far later in my life, I was hired by CBC and the athletic Director was the very same, DC Wilcutt. He was really a true gentleman, spoke quietly but firmly, listened, carried himself with a certain elegance, smiled and when he disagreed with you—he’d pass it off easily for both of you. I teasingly told him, since he was in his last year, that he’d saved his “best Hire” (me) until LAST…he smiled, and with his wry sense of humor said something about “he wasn’t so sure about that”. I don’t know what the DC represented as far as his name…but it could have been “Displaying Class” as far as I was concerned. May he rest in peace.



  1. John Rocco says:

    Good stuff Bob. Nice dedication to D. C. Wilcutt. I did not have the pleasure of knowing him. But from all accounts he was a true gentleman.

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